Saturday, June 6, 2009


After napping in the lobby we checked into the room and agreed to sleep until 2. 2 became 5 and we finally showered and left here around 6. We took a bus back to the airport to catch the underground into the city (which took almost an hour). Corey hasn't been to London before so we had to hit the major landmarks: Big Ben, Westminster Abby, London Eye, Tower of London and Tower Bridge. The inside tours were all closed when we arrived but it was still fun to be out on the town. London is so much fun to navigate with the tube.

We grabbed a bite to eat and toasted a glass of wine before we started heading back. We left at 9:30 from the London Bridge Underground stop and are just now arriving back at the hotel (it's 12). Public transportation has it's disadvantages. Although on our ride back we saw lots of other kids about our age: some huffing glue on the bus in neon colored pants and others just out to have a good time. We started chatting with one group (not the glue kids) and got off the train half way home to head to a bar with them only to realize that the last train towards Heathrow left in only 45 more minutes. We jumped back on the train and grabbed the last bus to our hotel.

We'll be up and off to the airport in only 3.5 more hours so I'm going to repack and get some sleep.

Lots of new pictures here:

-XO Mike


  1. Huffing glue. Brings back memories of my future.

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