Saturday, June 6, 2009

OLPCorps - Why I joined OLPCorps

OLPC has asked us to make weekly postings on topics provided. I will title all of these posts OLPCorps - XXXXX. Some of the topics might not be as interesting and you may want to skip these posts.

Starting in the Spring of 2008 I began volunteering at PrairieNET a local non profit who's mission was to provide technology access to low income families and areas including providing computer labs throughout East St. Louis. PrairieNET has worked with STeP UP, our local partner, for several years setting up technology access throughout Sao Tome and Paul, my boss at PrairieNET asked if I would like to go to Sao Tome in the Summer of 2009. I wholeheartedly agreed to go and began making plans. When the OLPCorps internship was discovered I met with Paul to see if it would be alright if I participated in the OLPCorps program instead of the PrairieNET program. Paul thought that it was a wonderful idea and began assisting our planning for the trip.

I wanted to join OLPCorps because I enjoy serving others and I love working with technology and I'm good with it. This opportunity fits perfectly with my skill set and my desires so it was natural that I became involved. Before even hearing about the program I wanted to go to Sao Tome and setup computer labs, repair existing computer labs and teach how to use and repair computers. When we were initially not accepted I began planning my trip with PrairieNET. One way or another, I was going to get to Sao Tome this summer.

-XO Mike

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  1. I thought it said LOLCorps at first, and I was confused why it was so funny. Your last paragraph is a testament to why you have so many caring friends too. Your compassion is evident in everything you do. Except singing.