Sunday, June 14, 2009

Police Checkpoint

First of all, I have read that police here are the least corrupt in all of Africa and they are everywhere. It really is comforting because you usually aren’t more than a block from an officer.

Now last night around 2:30am I start heading back from KBC (local club) with Carolyn and Savannah (Indiana University). We all get Motos and barter down the price to the one we want and start riding. After a few minutes on the bike we see a police checkpoint: two officers and spike strips. As we roll up and stop Carolyn and my drivers start moving around and grabbing stuff but Savannah’s driver is just sitting there. The officers spoke in French but by their pointing it looks like they want Carolyn and me to keep going but Savannah needs to stay there because the police are going to take the bike. Before anyone can drive off Carolyn and I hop off and are trying to tell our two drivers we need to wait for another Moto for Savannah.

We’re on a main road and figure it can’t be long but we see other motos coming towards the checkpoint turning around to avoid the stop. We are waiting and the two legit driver start getting ancy and annoyed that we don’t want to go. Finally a moto rolls up from the opposite direction and we start the process of negotiating a price again: back and forth between us and the driver, the driver and other drivers and the driver and other locals…

Another adventure in Africa
-XO Mike


  1. this is good that everything went well, but i guarantee it would have ended differently if it had just been the girls...

  2. Michael,
    Your posts are so interesting. I'm glad to be back home where I have my own computer and can keep up with you better.
    Vacation was so much fun ... but we all missed having you there with us.
    I enjoyed lots of fun times with Reaghan. She's a regular fish in the pool. Dad bought her a little tube and she loved floating around in the kiddie pool. She made lots of friends.
    We played golf twice on an amazing course at the Marriott hotel. My rental clubs were so nice and I hit some great (and also plenty of bad!) shots. I even had two "legit" pars.
    Have fun, keep posting and taking lots of pix. We're all very encouraged by your good reports on the safety in Kigali. Your little nephew will come from there next summer! Maybe you can go back with Mer, Pat and Reaghan.
    Love you lots. I'm so proud of you.