Sunday, June 14, 2009

Saturday in Kigali

Today we started early despite it being Saturday. Today was less of a technical day and more of a Rwandese culture day. We drove two hours south of Kigali and visited the King’s House and the national museum.

While Rwanda is under a ruling democratic government, there is a royal bloodline extending from the 15th and 16th centuries. The last king died in 1959 and I didn’t quite get the scoop on the current ruling king (something about a step brother or half brother). The King’s house was not worth the trip in my opinion but it was still interesting to see the traditional huts and tour the former King’s modern house.

The next stop was the national museum which is quite small. There was a gift shop at the entrance but I decided the goods were overpriced, that and I need to get some more Francs. I’ve only spent about $38 since we landed which may sound like a lot for a week but to be honest, most of it was last night and I won 6 bucks at the casino!

-XO Mike

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  1. lol I'm sure we can pool some money and send it to you. Any Western Union's down there? :)