Saturday, June 6, 2009

Half way to Kigali

We've arrived safe in London with all of our baggage.

The trip started back in Chicago and everything went smooth. I loaded up my cargo pants to lighten the load in my carry on but they didn't even weigh it; let's hope TAP does the same. Our wait at the gate was rather long but at least we were not stressed about getting there in time.

On Time.

We got the munchies before we boarded so Corey left security to grab McDonalds for us; what he forgot is that you can't bring liquids back through security and was forced to chug a 20oz Coke :-). Whoopsie!

Our Plane.

The plane ride was smooth and there were a few extra open seats next to Corey (we were seated one row apart) so I sat with him most of the night. It was difficult to get any sleep because I'm not used to falling asleep at 8 or 9pm. After only two hours of rest it was already daylight and we were receiving breakfast.

Customs was quite slow and took at least 30 minutes to complete and then, thankfully, our baggage awaited us at the carousel. At this point we realized we had no hotel reservations, no addresses of hotels, no phone number, etc. I had looked up rates online before I left and found them for around 50 pounds per night. We found a desk which made hotel reservations and asked what the rate would be, she said 150 pounds to 300 pounds. No. Thank. You.

Corey and I broke out our laptop, paid 5 pounds to get internet access (which is working here at the hotel as well!) and jumped on We are staying at the Holiday Inn, just 5 minutes from the airport for $50 (taxes and everything). We're pretty excited with the deal. Actually, I'm ecstatic about this deal.

We're now at the hotel waiting to check in (the earliest will be about noon and we arrived at 10). Corey and I are eating and napping in the lounge before we will shower, change and head downtown to see some sights. The weather is crummy (chilly and rainy) but we're going to power through.

Our hotel for the night.

Corey eating a wonderful cajun chicken sub in the hotel lobby.

I updated with three (this is the third) posts just now so keep reading!

-XO Mike


  1. Mike thanks for the blog,I've checked Corey's several times since he started it on Wednesday and nothing, glad you are a blogger. Enjoy be safe and keep on blogging.

    Ms. Marsha Corey's mom.

  2. Hi Michael, So fun and informative to read your posts. Where is Corey's blog? Would like to read that as well. Sounds like the trip is a piece of cake for you guys already. Nothing to report here. Hope you had a great time in London. Can't wait for your next blog. Cheers! Judy

  3. Why did you guys have no plan upon arrival?! I'm glad you found a trusty Holiday Inn to stay in :)