Saturday, June 6, 2009

Last Call

I’m sitting at the airport waiting for Corey to arrive so that we can start the trip. I’ve packed everything that I could think of and can only hope I have everything that I need. I never knew how little amounts to 41lbs. My suitcase has some room to breathe but I’m at the weight limit. I would have liked to have brought some other items such as a second, child sized baseball mitt but I won’t be able to.

I had a great last two days in the US. Wednesday night Brian Meeker, a friend from school, through me a going away party and I really enjoyed seeing the sunrise with the whole group . After packing up my apartment and driving home I went to Na’s for a going away/Pat’s Birthday party. I am exhausted enough to sleep through any babies crying on this plane.

Tomorrow Corey and I will spend the day around London before we head off to Kigali starting at 6am Sunday.

I believe our team is very prepared. Chika, Danielle and Ashley will be bringing the rest of our supplies (routers and flash drives) when they leave in a week and a half. We will meet them in Lisbon and spend some time around town before departing for Sao Tome.

Sorry if this post is abrupt. Chika met us at the airport to send us off (and take any excess weight off our hands) and I put down the blog to chat with him.

-XO Mike

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  1. :) I won't mention that you spelled my name wrong.