Sunday, July 26, 2009

Student Training – Week 2 – Day 2

In order to better teach Class 2, Chika and I chose to do a demonstration (his idea) which would get the kids playing with the commands in a real world situation.

The Scratch interface.

Scratch is setup in three columns: on the left are possible commands in natural language (move 10 steps, play sound “miau” (meow in Portuguese), wait 2 seconds, etc.). In the center is the commands window where you construct the operations you would like your sprite to perform. On the right is the viewing window to see what your animation does and below you can switch to different sprites. Chika and I drew similar screens on the chalkboard and asked the kids to give us commands.

We started with the kids giving me the, “move 10 steps” command. I wrote it down and did nothing. I then explained that they need to tell me when to do it and we added the, “when you clap your hands:” command. When they clapped their hands, I moved 10 steps. We added more commands and then added a second sprite, Chika. Chika received his own set of separate commands but we both started when they clapped their hands. We had the kids running us into walls, putting on glasses, saying “Ola!” and other movements which had them interested and constructing.

Critically thinking.

The switch to using the program was easier than the previous day but it is still difficult to get the kids to remember how to click and drag. Pretty soon the kids were able to get their animations moving and we finished what we had accomplished the previous day in just over half the time. We were able to explain how to paint and change backgrounds to the second class and, because of time, we are going to let that diffuse to the other class.

Pleased with how well day 2 went, Chika grabbed a candid of me.

There is a very fine line between being a good teacher and a bad teacher. We were lucky to have a second chance at the program but it is difficult to know what works and what doesn’t before trying it. Danielle will be using a similar demonstration lesson to teach Memorize (a flash card game and learning tool when you make your own flash cards).

-XO Mike


  1. Sounds like you ran a great class on Day 2 after you and Chika did some "critical thinking" of your own. When we do training programs at the Chef we first plan what we how we want the Consultants to think, how we want them to feel and what we want them to do. After we define that, we develop our objectives to meet the think, feel know criteria. It's fun developing training, isn't it. Of course, I'm doing adult training and you're doing children, which is I'm sure a much different ballgame. Even though you haven't had much formal (any?) training in this, you're doing great. I love the pictures of the kids and especially treasure the ones of you.

    Na, Kathy and I head to C'dale for Eric Crippen's wedding on Wednesday. Can't wait to have some of G'ma's ham salad! Maybe we'll go to Giant City after church on Sunday.

    We had a great church service today at Calvary. A prof from Moody taught a second lesson on Psalms. This one was on Psalm 76 and it was titled "When Good Things Happen to Bad People" and how God's people respond to the seeming unfairness. The basic answer is to workship God (instead of doubting or abandoning Him) and trust that His justice will prevail.

    Mer, Rea and Pat headed up to Minnesota for two weeks vaca before she starts her job. Haven't heard from Hill, but Tini should have arrived on Saturday, so I'm sure they're busy getting her settled in.

    Love you, my dear son. xoxo

  2. mike, you look great in your pictures. i cant believe how old and handsome you are! i am so proud of you and everything you are doing. i miss you a lot, and really hope you can come visit me in india!!

    love you lots,

  3. Mike,

    Can you get a button on this blog that will allow me to subscribe via RSS? I love the content, especially as it relates to technology integration.