Thursday, July 2, 2009

School Setup

Tuesday morning we had our meeting with the teachers scheduled however it didn’t go as planned. Our understanding was that we would be working with two classrooms and therefore two teachers. At this school the teachers are specialized to a subject and rotate between the classrooms. We went from working with two teachers to working with 6 which also required us to decrease our class sizes by two each to free up four extra laptops.

In the afternoon we had sorted out the problem and arranged to meet the teachers. It became very difficult because the teachers will now need lesson plans which will work for the 3 non-XO classrooms and a separate plan to incorporate the XOs in the two XO classrooms. The teachers did not seem motivated to learn the new system but after we showed a few ways of how it can be incorporated into classroom environments some started to warm up to the idea.

Corey, Danielle, Ashley and Chika worked through the operating system and some basic concepts after I gave a quick lesson on handling and care of the laptop and an introduction to the hardware. While the rest of the group began training I started testing how the wireless would work around the school, which should be fine. I have designed a box which we will have made to hold and secure the server, switches, access points and their associated power bricks.

Tomorrow we will continue working with the teachers and Dany will bring the plans to a carpenter to get the un-white-American-taxed price. The plan is that he will provide the boards that we need as well as the screws (if only there were a Home Depot) and I can assemble it this weekend. Hopefully nothing is lost in translation.

-XO Mike


  1. Good luck getting everything sorted out. I have every confidence you'll get it all right! They are so lucky to have your team there.
    Love you!

  2. That's a detail that should have been worked out before you left America. It's unfortunate.

    However, you guys continue to show ingenuity and look like you've got a solution :)

  3. With your packed schedule of sight-seeing, how are you going to finish the project?

    We are glad that you are sharing your great adventure w/ us.

    AK and UD